gotta say i really hate the thing facebook does where it tells you when someone sees your message

part of what makes confrontation and even just conversation over the internet (or via text) so much easier than irl (for people like me at least) is that there’s very little time pressure

you have as much time as you need to compose, revise, and analyze a response - nothing has to be on the fly, because the people on the other side don’t even know if you’ve received it yet

there’s no such thing as an awkward silence on the internet

but facebook managed to take that away by giving the “seen at 8:49pm” notification

thanks for that facebook u did it

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  2. spiffymuffin said: YEAH D:!!!! and also with like, for example my ex asking me out via fb message the other day and I got really uncomfortable and didn’t respond and it bugs me SO MUCH that he can see I’ve read it because then I feel like some sense of pressure :{
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  4. jcatgrl said: yeah i generally just leave the message window up so that i can see it without ‘seeing it’.
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  6. dont-spoop-yourself said: Did you know that if you don’t click on the box, you can see the thing without people knowing you saw the thing?
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  8. sweet-soft-fembot said: I always cheat and just check my email with the notification that I’ve got a message waiting for me, that way I can get away with waiting hours or days before feeling comfortable enough to respond.
  9. cocksucker3000 said: extra anxiety!!!
  10. feluriaan said: god yes facebook has RUINED it. once this guy kept messaging me INCESSANTLY because he could see that I had checked the message but I wasn’t responding as fast as he would have liked (or at all, as was my plan)
  11. lotust said: FUCKING EXACTLY IT KILLS ME
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