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i think my problem with tax exemptions for churches is really probably more bound up with my serious serious problems with institutionalized religion as a whole

because literally every point in favor has made me think “but why do churches need to do that (community outreach, charity, etc) anyways? they should just be exclusively for mass or whatever the corresponding thing is for other religions. let government or you know… actual charities take care of the rest”

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  2. dveoit said: I’ve experience with churches doing that. Their actions are all well and good, but it always carries a rather obvious “join our God” and somewhat contrary “we are better because we help others~” air about it, with a lack of critical thinking/
  3. moonbehindclouds said: Churches have always done that though. Before actual charities existed that’s what the church did. They educated you. They gave you food if you couldn’t feed yourself. They gave you sanctuary. It’s hard to separate that now.
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