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While I would agree that the Catholic Church's social policies are very lacking, (see homosexuality, trans issues, female priest) why is a more accurate translation of the words at Mass is a bad thing, even if it doesn't sound conversational? Some parts of the Mass are more reverent and some are more casual, such as when everyone shakes hands. Of all the problems in the Church, Mass translations aren't the ones we need to work on solving - let's focus on Uganda instead or something important.

If Mass translations aren’t a problem we need to focus on, why did they change them in the first place?

Although I find the new Mass parts to be odd and disjointing, the issue is not that they changed them. The issue is that they changed them to what is, effectively, a reversion to an older form. This mindset is symptomatic of pretty much everything that I think is wrong with the Catholic Church this day. So okay, fine, whatever, the Mass translation may not be that important. But it’s a surface issue that, to me, reflects a lot of deeper issues in the church.

  1. oh-heck-yes said: It is not an older form. It is a more accurate translation. That is literally all it is. Please stop insisting that it’s an older form.
  2. rinthedrowpriestess said: I second your opinion that this superficial change reflects something much deeper that has taken root in the minds of the Catholic Church leaders. Tbh, I’m growing concerned that there’ll be another form of ye olde witch hunts soon.
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